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Pro Sound Gear:
Mics, Speakers, Mixers,
Amps, Wireless Systems
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Recording Gear:

Our Professional Products Department features the latest models from the most respected manufacturers Whether you're looking for your first PA system to amplify one vocal, or looking to supplement the most sophisticated audio rig; we've got the gear you need. We carry all of the latest in hardware and software based recording equipment spanning the range from the most basic Four Track Cassette and MiniDisc Recorders and easiest to use multitrack, to the most sophisticated Hard Disk Recorders synthesizera and Software. We'll get you playing like the pros!

Product spotlight: Electro Voice Raven & Cardinal Microphones:
The Cardinal is a cardioid condenser designed to capture the detail of both voice and instrument in live sound or studio applications.
Employing Class A, discrete ultra-low noise amplifier circuitry, the Cardinal's smooth and detailed performance is sure to please even the most discerning artists and engineers.
The Raven is a stylish dynamic microphone designed to capture the character of live and studio vocals. It is also the perfect microphone for live and studio instruments. The Raven incorporates the collaborative design work from the top industry microphone engineers to provide unparalleled performance in a stunning package.

We sell both new and used equipment and quality trade-ins are always welcomed.

DJ, Karaoke &
Lighting Equipment:

We carry an extensive line of MIDI Hardware and Software from Digidesign, MidiMan, M-Audio, MOTU, Cakewalk, Coda and many more!

Is there is something you are looking for and can't seem to find? Our staff will be glad to assist you with locating and special ordering it for you.
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